Ready Set Reset.

Getting through these times point us in the direction of resetting all that we do. As a small business and a lifeline in our community, we have come to an understanding that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today. We hope to push through this unprecedented time keeping our customers safe & fashionably inspired. Thanks for your support!

Why Choose Us?

As a New York City born shopper who is always up for the hunt, I relish in the opportunity to find the latest and greatest in fashion & pretty things. 

As a mom of three beautiful girls, I can tell you, I know picky.  My girls have put an end to whatever "hand-me-downs" meant in our family. 

They share nothing!  Less fighting about clothing, and more unique shopping experiences is the upside.

Our frequent trips to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Maine, New York, and Miami, Belieze, the list is long... these trips help Alice Simone Boutique find curated merchandise that is influenced by the cultural experiences of our travels.  

As a family, we have a way of finding the best boutiques, as well as the locals who tend to point us in the right direction of everything fabulous.  

Let us share the influence of of trips throughout.

From perhaps the southern most point of the West Coast of Florida, in Naples let Alice Simone Boutique be your source for fun, fabulous, fashions that we like to call, curated merchandise!  

See you soon!



Fantastic boutique. Unique pieces of clothing and jewelry. On trend. Love this place!

Cheryl, F
Dublin, OH

About Us


Store Owner

With a background in Hollywood Films & Television, I know all about "star" treatment.  I take it one step further in everything I do, and value my choices. When you choose to shop with Alice Simone Boutique, the "star" treatment is all yours. 

Why? Because we understand you are CHOOSING TO SHOP SMALL, and that means everything! 

Save the Mom-and-Pop stores throughout the country and help us put the face to face interactions back into our lives and communities. There is a time and place for big box stores; but, shopping small keeps our communities thriving and prosperous.

At Alice Simone Boutique we have a 75/25 rule and hope to influence as many shoppers as possible. Shop small 75% of the time and be a star, make a difference!




Directly across from:

"The Cafe" & "Raw Delicious"

on 8th Street South

797 5th Avenue Naples Florida 34102

Summer Hours


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


10:00 am - 5:00 pm